PRE-SALE: eBOOK - 20 Best Sea Caves & Cliff jumping spots in Croatia!

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This eBOOK will awaken your senses for adventure! Get to know the beautiful and attractive side of the rocky, Croatian coastline. Learn about the top adrenaline-pumping places and prepare yourself for an unforgettable journey. Even if you’re not planning to visit Croatia, this eBOOK will offer you insight on the coastal treasures and entertain you from the comfort of your home.

What to Expect

Details on the 20 best sea caves & cliff jumping spots in Croatia

Maps & travel guides for each of 20 locations

Links to video footage & tips from locals

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Key Information

Key Information


From 1st January to 15th February: PRE-SALE price 10,00 euro!

From 1st March: FULL price: 18,00 euro.

Good to Know

This eBOOK consists of written content, links to videos and stories:

  • location details for 20 breathtaking sea caves and cliff jumping spots in Croatia
  • photo & video footage of each area, with suggestions on choosing the best transportation for an amazing experience (if you have the chance to go there in person)
  • tips from local people and importance of these nature areas for the local communities
  • guide on how to have a great time outdoors but leave only your eco footprint
Frequently Asked Questions

This eBOOK is created for people who are enthusiastic about the sea, coastal areas, mystical caves, hidden spots, travel, and sea life. It’s for everyone who wants to experience adventure and imagine themselves standing there, on top of a cliff, admiring a wonderful view, or possibly exploring the hidden gems of a beautiful blue cave with sun rays dancing on the water’s surface. No need to worry about whether or not you are physically able to visit all these spots, this book will give you insight into the beauty of coastal Croatia and make you feel like you’re already there!

This eBook will be on pre-sale from 1st January until 15th February 2021. In this period you can get it for a promo price of 10,00 euro. Get your copy now!

The full price of this eBOOK will be 18,00 euro, starting from 22nd February 2021. Before that date, you can reserve your copy for only 10,00 euro in a pre-sale period from 1st January until 15th February.

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