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Hello everyone! Welcome to our brand new blog. We’ll introduce ourselves a bit more in detail in other blog posts with time. In this first post we want to write a few words about the blog itself. The short version, we are the Pula Outdoor team and our blog will be about sports, adventures, travel, work, free time, maybe some food (cause everyone likes good food), nature, animals and protecting the environment.

Now, to make the story a little longer… There are more than one motives to start this blog. We are, as the name itself says, outdoor enthusiasts, we love what we do. What we do is not just our job, it is our life. With this blog we want to share some of our adventures, experiences, ideas and even troubles, with everyone who wants to spare a few minutes to read about them. Some may be fun and exciting, some may be sad or scary, some educational… Some of them may’ve already happened and the others are yet to come. We’re looking forward to all of them.

Most of the adventures we’ll write about are our business adventures as we are an outdoor sports tour provider. There is a variety of tours and activities we offer and one by one we will introduce them to you more closely. There are always many questions that our guests ask us before or during the tours, so the blog will be our extra tool to explain as many things and questions as possible. Also, we’ll include a longer and more detailed descriptions of the tours themselves. However, some secrets we’ll keep to ourselves and show you in person if you chose to join us. We’ll also write a bit more about the equipment and gadgets we use or would like to use. Or about the area and where and what to eat during your visit. There are many topics to cover, endless options. But, not to bore you just with our adventures, we’ll also share some stories and anecdotes of our free time. Stories about places or things that we visited and got us inspired, fun times spent with our pets, friends and families. Stories about deep feelings, challenges, memories… Again, endless list of topics. We hope you’ll enjoy it and find something that inspires you.

We are a small group of trained and educated professionals in several areas and sports. Our goal with this blog is to tell you stories, to share our views and opinions about places we enjoyed, people who inspired us, things that took our breath away… Maybe you’ll be motivated to join us in our interesting tours or go out and search and create your own adventures, find something that will take your breath away and make you daydream. Together we can discover places for epic experiences.

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