The Pula Outdoor Story

Our team has grown progressively throughout the years. It started in 2011 when Tea (Thea) left her lifeguarding job seeking for some more adventure. Since she was a sport & recreation trainer, she “jumped” into the world of outdoor activities in tourism. As a scuba diving instructor and swimming teacher, she knew her future job needed to be connected with the sea. It was something new for her, it was unknown and scary but when she got introduced to kayaking, she never looked back! Tea had her dream job: the opportunity to meet people from all over the world, exchange experiences, and learn new skills while doing what she loves and earning some pocket money. It was this idea that motivated her to continue on to bigger and better things.

For almost 8 years she was a part of “AktivistSport”, a brand she co-founded. Through the years the business expanded and subsequently, there was a need for more enthusiastic people to join. Tea got a lot of help from her younger brother, Luka, who started as an assistant guide for youth groups in kayaking and snorkeling tours in 2014. Since then, a few more guides and staff have joined the team over the years: Marko, Deni, Tihana, Paul, Iva, Sergio, and Laura. Each has had their own positive impact on making Pula Outdoor what it is today!

two snorkelers diving underwater

In 2018, Tea developed a new brand, “Pula Outdoor”, based on experience, skills, and knowledge that she had gathered over the years. Majda joined as a co-founder after five years of working in a windsurfing centre and guiding kayak tours for school groups. Together they expanded the business and their offerings, with Sara, Luka, and Iva by their sides.

“We would like to say a big thank you to all our curious and adventurous guests, who have explored southern Istria with us. We are thankful for all the travel stories and life achievements you shared with us. Your diversity, the exchanging of knowledge, and different life experiences continue to make us better people.”

Meet The Team!


Tea: Founder & Adventure Guide

Kayaking/Snorkeling/Coasteering/Stand-Up Paddleboarding

She is a local person of the sea who likes to be outdoors with her pets, enjoys sea kayaking and snorkeling, learning new skills and languages, exploring caves, photography, teaching sports, and making bubbles underwater. “I love my job mostly because of exchanging experiences and knowledge.” Her favourite tour is “Pula SUP & Coasteering Adventure” – you can conquer your fear of heights, explore the caves, and maybe catch a crab! She likes people with a good sense of humour and dislikes cigarettes.

Philosophy of life: Follow your heart and you will find the truth.


Outdoor activities provider certificate (Croatian Chamber of Commerce and Croatian Mountain Rescue Service)

Sea kayaker EPP 2 (Tuilik, Pagaia Azzura, Euro Pass Paddle)

Coasteering trainee (4 Elements Adventure, British National Coasteering Charter Group), Sea lifeguard (Croatian Red Cross)

Scuba diving instructor (Croatian Diving Association, CMAS)

Ski instructor (KSSV - Kärntner Skischulverband)

Bachelor of Sports and Recreation (University of Zagreb, Faculty of Kinesiology, Croatia)


Majda: Co-Founder & Adventure Guide

Kayaking/Stand-Up Paddleboarding/Mountain Biking

This economist found her dream job – to be a sports guide. She loves windsurfing, snowboarding, teaching sports, concerts, mountains, walks with her pets, and reading novels. “I love my job: it’s outdoors, I’m always on the move, and meeting interesting people.” Her favourite tour is “Pula Night GLOW” – it’s so special, just the silence of the sea, tranquillity, and kayaks glowing in the dark. She likes to hang out with easygoing people and dislikes big crowds.

Philosophy of life: FAIL stands for First Attempt In Learning.


Outdoor activities provider certificate (Croatian Chamber of Commerce and Croatian Mountain Rescue Service)

Kayak guide (VOWS, Vereinigung österreichischer Wassersport-Schulen)

Mountain bike guide (VOWS, Vereinigung österreichischer Wassersport-Schulen)

Windsurfing teacher (VOWS, Vereinigung österreichischer Wassersport-Schulen)​

Snowboard & ski instructor (ISIA - International Ski Instructors Association, KSSV - Kärntner Skischulverband)

Graduate in Economics (Faculty of Economics and Business in Rijeka, Croatia)

Leo: Adventure Guide


He is an adventurous, sports junkie with a great sense of humor, always ready to help and share a good laugh. With extensive lifeguarding experience, people can have fun while being in capable and safe hands. “Best thing about my job is to meet people from all around the world and hear their stories”. His favourite tour is “Fun Rocky Coasteering” – an activity that takes place early in the morning, it’s a perfect way to start the day with a few jumps, good laugh and a great time! He likes running and hiking with friends and dislikes disrespect.

Philosophy of life: “The only way to do great work is to love what you do.”


Outdoor activities provider certificate (Croatian Chamber of Commerce and Croatian Mountain Rescue Service)

Sea lifeguard (Croatian Red Cross)

Master of Marketing and Statistics (University of Rome, Italy)

Noel: Adventure Guide


He is an IT management student, who adores spending time in nature. He loves running marathons and going on hikes, but especially enjoys tours that begin early in the morning, when everything feels calm and fresh. “I really enjoy my job because I get to be outside, stay active, and meet interesting people.” His favorite tour is “Pula Cliffs & Cave Adventure(opens in a new tab)” – it’s all in the paddle strokes, splashes, jumps, underwater swimming, cave exploration and enjoyment you need in this 3-hour adventure on the sea! He likes an active lifestyle and dislikes big city crowds.

Philosophy of life: “It doesn’t matter how slowly you go, as long as you keep moving forward.”


Outdoor activities provider certificate (Croatian Chamber of Commerce and Croatian Mountain Rescue Service)

Sea lifeguard (Croatian Red Cross)

IT student (Faculty of Economics and Tourism in Pula, Croatia)

Laura: Office & Reservations

Tours support/Customer service

She is our behind-the-scenes girl who has been doing an awesome job caring about our customers for more than 6 years. This Croatian Red-Cross volunteer and language and literature student enriches her life by stand-up paddling during summer mornings and mountaineering during winter. She’s here for you – resolving your dilemmas all day, every day. Her favorite tour is “Sunset Cocktail SUP” – 1.5 hour paddle into the sunset and enjoying the freshly made cocktail on the sea. She likes linguistics and ice cream, but dislikes grasshoppers.

Philosophy of life: “Life is too short, got to live it long!”


Croatian Red Cross volunteer

Linguistic student (Faculty of Educational Sciences in Pula, Croatia)



Food manager

She is an active husky-labrador-samoyed mix who likes everything outdoors. It’s important to be on the move. Swimming, kayaking, and mountain biking are her favourites! “Vau Vau UuuUU AAuuU Vau vAu!” Translation: “I like my job because I get cookies!”

Her favourite tour is when guests throw rocks in the water so she can look at the splashes! She likes digging sand and dislikes fireworks.

Philosophy of life: “Just give me treats, I’ll be fine!”

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