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There are many events and activities in Istria which you can experience during the day. Everything is open: shops, places to visit, rentals, agencies and sports activities providers. But, in the evening your choices are drastically reduced, especially in the terms of sports activities. Mostly, your options for sports are just maybe going to the gym, hanging around the pool in the hotel or by the beach somewhere. 

Have you ever imagined going kayaking at night? In case you have, or might be willing to do it after reading this article, Pula is the right place for that!


Avoid the crowds, noise and city lights

The city of Pula is very touristy in July and August and the city streets tend to get full of people also in the evening, especially during the Pula Film Festival every year. That certainly has an appeal to it for some days. Anyway, if you’d like to experience something totally different, you can reserve your spot on the Pula Night Glow Kayaking tour, a magical event under the night sky.

Even though it takes place in the city, the Night Glow tour is just a few paddle strokes away from leaving the city lights, noise and crowds behind you. This unique 2-hour kayaking event offers you a new perspective on kayaking.


Night Glow in the cave

The meeting point is at Stoja – Valovine beach, at sunset. There you’ll find us preparing the LED lights on the up-side-down kayaks. The lights are attached below the kayaks, so we can see the underwater life paddling near the coastline in the shallow waters. 

You’ll immerse in the adventure with an underwater view, pastel colors of the sunset sky in the beginning, sky full of stars when the sun goes down, perfectly clear and calm waters, upon that, there will be even kayaking inside the Pula’s Blue cave! The lights beneath the kayaks illuminate the cave walls with soft light so you’re able to see every detail and all the stalactites. In case you’ve already visited the cave during the day, on our Pula Cliffs and Cave Kayaking or Seagull’s Rocks Snorkeling tours, during the Night Glow tour it’ll feel like a whole different cave.


Night swim in the canyon

If there was still some daylight when we entered the cave, by the time we go out it’ll be complete darkness and the sky full of stars. A perfect stage to continue to the small canyon and take a swim under the night sky for the brave ones. For the ones that feel cold most of the time we have a solution too, we’ll give you a neoprene wetsuit. You are very welcome to take your snorkeling mask with you on the kayak and have an even clearer and closer look under the water surface.


After those 2 hours of tranquility on the sea we’ll bring you back to enjoy the city noise again. Just in case, bring some warmer clothes with, to change into after the adventure 😉


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