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Every place in the world has interesting facts about it which show you the deeper sense of the area. The more you know, the more you get it. Learning about the history, heritage, people, landscape and other things doesn’t have to be boring. We’ve created a list of 20 fun facts about Istria. Enjoy!


Did you know?


  1. Istria is the largest peninsula in Croatia with its area of 2.813 square kilometers. It’s surrounded by sea on three sides and the country Slovenia in the north.


  1. The peninsula is the most western part of Croatia. If you continue going more to the west, you’ll find yourself in Italy.


  1. If you look at the map of the whole Croatia, try imagine it as a dragon. Do you agree Istria looks like a dragon’s head?


  1. At the southernmost point of Istria you’ll find another peninsula, nature protected area Cape Kamenjak. The southernmost town or village in Istria, Premantura, is an old fishing village, now a popular tourist destination. There, on the edge of the town, is the entrance into the nature park.


  1. The westernmost building in Istria, and that means in the whole Croatia, is the Savudrija lighthouse on the Savudrija peninsula. The lighthouse is also the oldest one in the country.


  1. Did you know that Istria has a stunning 539 kilometers of coastline? 539 kilometers of small bays, rocky shore and crystal clear waters.


  1. The highest mountain is Učka with the highest peak Vojak at 1396 meters. If you climb the tower you’ll find yourself at 1400 meters with a perfect 360 degrees panorama. The longest tunnel in Istria goes through the mountain and connects it with the rest of Croatia. Učka is also a protected nature park and in its foothills you can find an amazing canyon, Vela Draga


  1. The longest river is Mirna (Quiet river), 53 kilometers, from its spring at Hum and it flows to the sea near Novigrad. Mirna has 17 waterfalls, and the nicest ones you can see if you hike the 7 Waterfalls Path.


  1. Did you know that the world’s smallest city is located in central Istria? It’s called Hum, it has 30 inhabitants and for the full tour of the city you only need 5 minutes.


  1. Istria has a fjord! Nature park Lim fjord is actually a 12 kilometers long bay, located on the west coast, between the towns of Rovinj and Vrsar. The area is famous for oyster farming. The largest viaduct, 552m long and 120m high, bridges the valley behind the bay. The bay was used for filming of two viking films, in 1958. and in 1964., and that’s why it’s sometimes called a fjord.


11.      In Istria you can find many charming hilltop towns and villages with cobblestone streets, stone houses and medieval churches. Motovun is the best preserved medieval town.


  1. Did you know that Istria is sometimes called “little Tuscany”? It got this name thanks to its finely groomed vineyards and olive groves, and colorful seaside towns.


  1. The peninsula is famous for wine, local sorts of white Malvasia and red Teran. There is also award winning virgin olive oil which you may find especially in the area of Vodnjan.


  1. Istria offers you not only amazing wine, but also amazing food! Some of the best truffles in the world come from Motovun area.


  1. In Istria you can find a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s the Euphrasian Basilica built in 553 in the old town of Poreč.


  1. Did you know that the best preserved Roman Amphitheater in the world is located in Pula? It’s also the 6th largest one in the world and the largest ancient building in Istria. During the year it’s used for concerts, shows and festivals, mostly in summer.


  1. The largest animal in Istria is the Istrian Ox – Boškarin. They weigh up to 1300 kilograms. This domestic animal was on the verge of extinction, but now more and more Istrian farms grow this type of cattle. 


  1. Speaking of the beauty of nature, you can find a national park in Istria as well. The Brijuni islands national park is an archipelago of three islands and 11 islets. The symbol, or logo of the national park, shows an island shaped like a fish, which is the actual shape of the islet Gaž.


  1. Did you know you can walk in the dinosaur footprints in Istria? There are 24 spots with dino footprints in Croatia, but 21 of those locations are found in Istria. You can find them on the Veliki Brijun island, Cape Kamenjak and the best preserved ones on the islet Fenoliga just off the Capes coast.


  1. And last on our list, but not least, did you know you can go biking on an ex railroad track? The legendary Parenzana railway was the main route of transportation between Trieste in Italy and Poreč in Istria (italian Parenzo) from 1902. until 1935. Now the Croatian part in the length of 80 kilometers has been transformed into a bike trail.


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