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Spring has arrived!! Although we’re in the middle of the cold wave, and it doesn’t feel like spring – it’s here. Nature started waking up, some flowers and trees started blooming. The first wild asparagus appeared too. We love to pick them and make asparagus omelet for breakfast 🙂 Soon there will be more as the days start getting longer and warmer.


Everything is going on. Hiking, biking, trekking… Let’s start stretching and warming up those paddling muscles too!

Mountain bike near the sea

Physical preparation

Covid-19 has changed a lot of things in our lives, including the way we exercise. For most of the winter period the gyms were closed, so we kept in shape by doing online yoga at home, taking long walks and hikes with pets, and a little bit of skiing on our home mountain Platak near Rijeka. Now it’s time to pick up the pace, get out of the “lazy” mode and set it to “active”.


The sea is at its coldest point, now will start slowly warming up, so we make our first splashes in the Pula city swimming pool. We’ve pulled out the bikes, made them clean and shiny, ready to get dirty again by riding around Kamenjak, Marlera and the rest of Istria county. With the warmth, on the calm days, we’ll pull out the SUP boards or kayaks too and head to the sea for paddle practice. On the windy days, windsurfing might also be our choice of exercise.


Equipment & Safety recommendations check

A woman washing kayaks on the trailer

The kayaks, SUP boards, bikes, life jackets, masks and snorkels and all the rest of the equipment has been neatly packed and stored in November for the winter season. They can’t wait to get out into action again! Some of the smaller items will be restocked and refreshed with new equipment, but all in all, we are good to go.


We follow the latest updates on Safety measures and recommendations in order to reduce Covid-19 cases. You can check out more here and find all the answers on your questions regarding the situation with the virus.


NEW in our offer

Although the summer season is not promising, we’re motivated more than ever to deliver fresh activities and tours to make our time on the beach even happier!  There are 2 new adventures for the season 2021. 


The first one is the unique Croatian SUP & Coasteering Adventure, a combination of Stand-up Paddleboarding with exciting climbing, jumping off the rocks and exploring caves along the coastline!


The second, our Tandem SUP Island Tour, an activity which will bring back memories of how it was when we were able to actually work as a team in person. This is a great activity for groups of friends or even coworkers who’d like to finally have fun and socialise!


We’ve already written about tandem SUP, and you can check it out here. Tandem SUP boards will be ready for June, we’ll keep you informed about the details in our future blog posts and social media.

Three sup boards on the water

Let the games begin!

Usually we start the tour season around Easter, the only exception was 2020 because of the global lockdown. We hope the situation will get better this year. We are prepared for the start and for the inquiries from our guests, domestic or foreign. At the beginning we’ll happily offer you SUP & coasteering adventure as well as Cliffs and cave kayaking. If you are keen to “confront” cold water you can also join us for the snorkelling adventure. The only adventure you need to have a little bit of patience is the Night Glow Kayak Tour as we start them mid June. 


Stay safe in Croatia

The Croatian Ministry of Tourism and Sport has published the National Label of safety. “When booking or entering a facility or tourist destination please look for the Safe stay in Croatia label to ensure that the prescribed epidemiological measures and health safety recommendations have been taken at the location.” 

They’ve also opened a Call center for COVID questions on the number 113 

You can read more information about the Safe stay in Croatia here or check the video Have a safe stay in Croatia from ‘Welcome’ till ‘Goodbye’.


If you’re ready for adventure, drop us a note and we’ll try to make your wishes come true. We’re looking forward to seeing you all soon 🙂


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